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What Makes Exceptional Audio Description? 

Technology is important, but what really matters to the low vision audience is the quality of descriptive audio narrations. That comes down to two things. The quality of the voices and the quality of the descriptive writing.  


Descriptive Writing

Descriptive Audio writing is screenwriting. Like a good Hollywood script, good audio description describes what the viewer sees in detail. What is the speaker wearing? What is their complexion? Are they in an office or a conference room? But it's also about exclusion and not overwhelming the listener with extraneous detail, carefully selecting only the descriptions that contextually move the story forward. These details paint a picture that those without low vision often take for granted but the inclusion of which makes the listener's experience truly enriching and delivers your message more convincingly. 


Audio description is an art, not an algorithm. At Bespoke Audio Description, we deliver the highest quality descriptions in the industry, because that's what visually impaired listeners want more than anything. 


Exceptional Audio

Imagine listening to an hour-long webinar. For every paragraph of descriptive audio, would you prefer a computer speaking to you or a real human? Which would be more pleasant and engaging?  Do you listen to audiobooks spoken by computer? Of course not.


At Bespoke Audio Description, we prefer human voices, and ours are multilingual, professional voice actors, tailored to the unique style of your video. 


It's also about technical quality. We ensure that the descriptive narrations are mixed correctly, so that the original narration doesn't sound louder than the descriptive narration. We make sure pronunciations are spoken correctly, unlike most synthesized technology narrations. And we insert our narrations at the most appropriate times to ensure that narrations don't interrupt the flow but keep the storytelling engaging, leaving the listeners wanting more. That's not something you get from technology-centered solutions. 

The vision impaired audience cares about the attention you give them. They appreciate and reward brands that do it right.

Descriptive Audio Narrator

Hear the Difference.

The technology of synthesized narration has overtaken the industry with a resulting drop in quality.  Not here.  At Bespoke, we work by hand and human voice, and the difference is quality you can hear.

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