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3 Ways to make videos Accessible for the Visually Impaired 

Create your Original Video with Descriptive Narration

Script the narration of your original video with an ear for what description a listener would need to interpret the onscreen visuals. This gets tricky with many mainstream videos, which tend to move fast and feature many graphics. Moreover, the additional narration and extended time lengths required for descriptive audio may conflict with your video's creative style. 


Create a Separate Video or Audio Track with Descriptive Audio

Create a separate video or audio track of the audio description. You can then link users to the descriptive audio version for those who would like to use it.  A separate video allows you the flexibility to extend the length of the original, adding the descriptive audio narration required for a truly accessible audio description version.


Link to Transcript

Linking to a transcript from your webpage allows visitors to read the content of your video, but without sound, it can be a frustrating experience.

Transcript of Video
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